Karachi (HRNW): Javed Iqbal lost his life last week after his doctor gave him medicines he did not require, his family claims.

Iqbal had had a leg surgery after which the doctor gave him medicine for tuberculosis. “The doctor told my brother “your wound is not healing, let me give you medicine for tuberculosis, I want to test it on you”. After he took this medicine he developed very high fever but instead of asking him for tests, he told him to continue the medicine for another month,” his brother said adding that his brother had unknowingly become part of a clinical trial

Meanwhile the doctor claims that the patient had been receiving treatment at his hospital for the last twenty five years. He added that the patient did not come to his clinic after the surgery to take medicines. “I gave him medicine for tuberculosis as his wound was not healing and in such a situation there is danger that the patient has contracted the disease. After a week his brother called me with complains of very high fever I asked him to stop the medicine but he did not come to me again.”

Iqbal’s family appeals to the government to take notice of the incident and stop clinical trial of medicines.

According to a survey there are over 600 medicine manufacturing companies in the Pakistan Of them only 10 percent of the companies doing on ethical practice on it a senior scientist told Geo News on the condition of economy.

Senior doctor at the Aga Khan University Hospital Dr Waris Kidwai told Geo News that the existing system of clinical trials in the country had several loopholes.

“It is important that the patient involved in the clinical trial knows of its consequences and an ethical committee reviews it,” Dr Kidwai said.

He added that it is important that the consent of the patient has been taken. “It should not be done for monetary gains,” he said.

Health experts urged the government and Pakistan Dental and Medical Council that they should implement the laws strictly and release the list of the doctors who do un-ethical clinical trial.

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