PTI leaders set out on boats to rescue Karachiites

Karachi (HRNW)-PTI pioneers Dr Arif Alvi and Haleem Adil Sheik went to the guide of Karachiites stranded at immersed streets on Thursday boats

Dr Arif Alvi said that experts in charge of conveying alleviation to the subjects of Karachi were no place to be seen.

“The city has soaked in water and government authorities are no place to be seen,” he said.

Haleem Adil Sheik likewise talked on the event and said that since morning, the two party pioneers and their laborers were helping stranded regular folks in Karachi.

“Government authorities should likewise approach,” said Haleem Adil.

Donning life coats and conveying water crafts, the two PTI pioneer began saving customary residents who were left stranded after substantial rain lashed over the city, causing urban flooding in parts of the city.

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