Security guard robs bank in Karachi

Karachi (HRNW): A security guard with the help of his accomplice stole jewellery worth millions of rupees in a bank heist on yesterday in Karachi,  According to media correspondent, a security guard named Saddam, broke into 27 lockers and stole valuables worth millions of rupees from the bank branch in the city’s Rizvi society. Police say the duo fooled a fellow security guard to allow them in and then used cutting machine to open lockers and stole valuables. Interestingly, the robbers didn’t even touch the cash in lockers. The security guard who opened the gate told police in detention that Saddam came up along with his uncle at 9:00 PM on Sunday night and asked him to open the main gate “He said his paternal uncle wants to meet me. As I opened the gate, both of them entered the bank and tied me up,” the security guard told police.

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