Karachi’s Gulshan e Sarjani deprived of electricity for the past 6 months

Karachi (HRNW): While loadshedding seems to have plagued the metropolitan city of Karachi, the locality of Gulshan e Sarjani seems to have remained unaffected by it, with the area already being deprived of electricity for the past 6 months. With Karachi currently in the grip of heatwave, residents of Gulshan e Sarjani seem to be battling the weather without electricity and even gas. The residents who hail from humble economic backgrounds say they are unable to afford generators to power their homes, and so are forced to live in the dark ages, quite literally.

There’s no electricity, water or gas. We have children and the elderly. Everyone is left worried by this,” says a resident of the locality. Some residents have resorted to using solar panels to power their houses while others have been left to bear the misery. The area has also been deprived of gas for several years now with residents forced to cook their meals using wood.

Many people have shifted from the locality because of the recurring power problem. “Those who own houses here can’t just pack up and move to another place’ says another resident of the locality. According to K-Electric, Pole-Mounted Transformer (PMT) had been removed from the area owing to electricity theft. But the officials said that residents were now being offered new connections at discount rates.

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