Ramazan traffic plan unveiled to cope with gridlocks

Karachi (HRNW): A special traffic plan has been devised to cope with frequent gridlocks that appear across different areas of Karachi during the holy month of Ramazan. According to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Traffic Imran Yaqoob, the heavy traffic routes have been divided into five categories under the newly revised traffic plan. The first sector has been marked from Tower to Quaidabad, second from Eidgah Chowk to Sohrab Goth, third from Guru Mandar to Power House Roundabout, fourth from Siemens Roundabout to Mawach Goth, and fifth from Garden Chowk to Pak Colony. All main intersections would be kept open during office hours to maintain traffic, DIG Yaqoob said.

Security will also be stationed at venues where Taraweeh is to be held and special arrangements are made to provide security near malls and shopping centers throughout the city from the Second Ashra. District SSPs of traffic police have also been directed to arrange for more manpower to help assist in providing security. DIG Yaqoob also stated that local administration has also been given orders to remove all garbage and hurdles from the roads prior to Ramazan. Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar on Tuesday said that 500 city wardens will perform duty alongside traffic police on city roads and other locations during Ramazan and another 500 will be stationed at different locations in the city. He also stated that the wardens will help, assist and guide the people at city shopping centers, mosques and places of Taraweeh prayers especially during rush hours and assist citizens during the Iftar and Taraveeh timings.

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