Experts concerned over rising number of XDR typhoid cases in Karachi

Karachi (HRNW): Concerns have been raised by health experts regarding the increasing numbers of extensively-drug resistant (XDR) typhoid cases in the city, reported a local media outlet. The experts advised citizens to drink boiled water, avoid raw food and assume good hygiene practices. National Institute of Child Health (NICH) Head Dr Jamal Raza said, “XDR typhoid has become quite common now and we are getting around 30 cases of this disease every week and these stats represent only one hospital.” The disease was initially diagnosed in Hyderabad and then it also spread in Karachi, the doctor further said. He added, “Prevention is the key and people should consume only boiled water, homemade food prepared and cooked in properly cleaned utensils.”

Dr Naseem Salahuddin said, “The disease is not being diagnosed early enough and patients often present complications.” “The misuse of antibiotics is very common in our society, a major reason behind the development of antibiotic resistance,” she added. Dr Ejaz Vohra said, “It is sad that a preventable disease has taken a serious form.” “There is a dire need to create awareness of misuse of antibiotics and good hygiene practices,” he also said. Pakistan Medical Association’s (PMA) Dr Qaiser Sajjad said, “No one but the government is responsible for the health problems people face due to supply of contaminated water and it has to compensate people for that.” “It is unfortunate that there is no political vision or government focus on preventive care that can help reduce health spending,” he added.

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