Demands status of industry for construction sector Caretaker govt has no right: MQM-P

Karachi (HRNW): Convener of Rabta Committee of Muttehida Qaumi Movement (Pakistan) Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has said that the Caretaker government is having mandate of conducting fair and free election in time only and it has no power to increase taxes and that if elected MQM (P) government will reserve quota of water for construction sector. He was addressing a reception in honor of MQM (P) leadership hosted by the Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan at ABAD House here on Tuesday. MQM (P) leaders Dr Farooq Sattar and Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan and Chairman ABAD Arif Yousuf Jeewa, senior vice chairman Fayyaz Ilyas, Chairman Southern Region Altaf Tai, former chairman ABAD Junaid Ashraf Taloo and former senior vice chairman Muhammad Hassan Bakshi were also present on this occasion.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that tax culture is in only Karachi and Karachi runs whole of the country’s economy; however Karachi is being ignored constantly. He said that almost all international organizations are saying that the population is 30 million to 30.5 million but half of the population was reduced during the last census. We had apprehension that the population of Karachi will be halved and that was the reason that we had approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan well before beginning of census, he said adding that ABAD should have become a party in this matter. He said that if the population of Karachi would have accurately represented in the census, Karachi would have allotted 25 percent of National Assembly seats. He also urged all political parties to raise voice regarding population of Karachi.

He complained that many a political parties were raising questions regarding MQM (P) but now no one is asking us about arrests of our hundreds of workers and most of them are still languishing in jails or are missing. He hoped that despite reducing population of the city and delimitations, MQM (P) is still having 65 to 75 percent of mandate in Karachi. He said that Mayor of Karachi has no power and we will not be a part of government until the power is delegated to the grass root. He said Karachi was developed whenever MQM had powerful government. He said that Metro bus project is also of MQM. Addressing the reception, Dr Farooq Sattar demanded of the government to announce construction sector as the industry for rapid development of this important sector, which is providing jobs to thousands of people besides providing shelter to people.

He was hopeful that ABAD will have national exposure after construction sector is announced an industry. He said that MQM (P) will try its best to get status of industry for the construction sector if it reached helms of affairs because this sector is backbone of the country supporting more than 70 allied industries. He said that Karachi could have get 40 seats of National Assembly and 80 seats of Provincial Assembly if census and delimitations had conducted in fair manner. He said that if all political parties will support demands of MQM (P), it will not go for elections.  Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan said that the center of progress and prosperity of Pakistan is Karachi and Karachi had witnessed boom of development during the only powerful MQM government. He said that MQM had supported to rename Karachi Building Control Authority as Sindh Building Control Authority for better future of construction sector in Sindh but consecutive heads of SBCA had looted Karachi.

Addressing the gathering, Chairman ABAD Arif Yousuf Jeewa said that Karachi, the highest tax paying city of the country, is facing destruction and unemployment. He said that injustice was done to Karachiites in census as the actual population of the city is more than 25 million and that wrong census has affected development planning, too. He said that the caretaker government has no right to impose new taxes or increase Regulatory Duties (RD). If the RD is increased, the already ailing construction sector will totally come to a halt, he said adding that why the caretaker government is trying to bring in new budget once the outgoing government has presented and approved the national budget.

He said that the ailing economy has given another blow by raising interest rate. He urged all political parties to stop caretaker government from taking any monitory steps, which will destroy the basic fiber of the economy.  Arif Jeewa said that there are 54 Katchi Abadis in Karachi and ABAD is striving to convert these Katchi Abadis into modern one. He said that ABAD has started Affordable Housing Scheme and that MQM (P) also should add affordable housing scheme in its declaration. He also demanded to adopt English Mortgage Scheme to boost housing sector in the country as neither House Building Finance Company nor any bank is providing loans for housing construction.
At the end of the program, Senior Vice Chairman ABAD Fayyaz Ilyas.

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