Luxury Cars of PM House to be auctioned on 17th of September

Islamabad (HRNW): The auction of luxurious vehicles at the Prime Minister House under the austerity drive launched by the government would be held on Monday September 17. A list of the luxury vehicles has been prepared to be sold during an auction set and are currently displayed the Prime Minister House. The fleet of luxury vehicles includes eight BMWs, three cars of 2014 model, three 5000cc SUVs and two 3000cc SUVs of 2016 model. The list also contains four Mercedes Benz cars of 2016 model. Two of them are 4,000cc bullet-proof vehicles. There are 16 Toyota cars, one 2004 Lexus car, one 2006 Lexus SUV and two 2004 Land Cruisers. Eight cars range from 2003 to 2013 models. Apart from these, four bullet-proof Land Cruiser vehicles of 2015 model are also up for auction.

There is one Honda Civic 1800cc car and three Suzuki vehicles, including two Cultus cars and one APV, all of them are of 2013 model. The list also includes a 1994 model bus. Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced that there were a fleet of over eighty cars at the PM House which will be auctioned. He also moved into a modest three-bed room house of his military secretary along with two servants. He had announced that he would not be staying in the PM House which has a staff of 524 keeping his pledge to cut down the expenditure of the cash-strapped government. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has said that the government will try to sell the vehicles on the market value price as the auction to raise funds and the money will be deposited in national kitty.

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