Missing PIA air hostess has record of criminal offense

Karachi (HRNW): A history of criminal offense against the reportedly missing air hostess of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), surfaced on Wednesday. Media learnt that the air hostess named Fareeha Mukhtar had been involved in various criminal activities in the past. In 2015, the air hostess was caught during smuggling foreign currency and mobile phones at the Heathrow airport in London. In the same year, she was suspended from her job as well. As per the sources, Fareeha was inducted into the PIA on the basis of a fake Bachelors degree. In 2014, she was given a show-cause notice for submitting bogus educational documents. Fareeha disappeared mysteriously after a flight carrying passengers landed in Canada’s Toronto city on Thursday.

According to PIA spokesperson, an air hostess named Fareeha Mukhtar boarded the PIA flight PK-789 from Lahore but as soon as it landed in Toronto, the woman disappeared mysteriously and never boarded the return flight. The air hostess was supposed to return to Lahore on PIA’s PK-782 flight on the very day but never boarded the plane despite leaving for the same with her colleagues. The PIA spokesperson maintained that a missing report has been lodged with the Canadian police and authorities have been informed regarding the air hostess’ disappearance. The airline has issued a show-cause notice in her name and is planning to initiate a disciplinary action against Fareeha Mukhtar, added the spokesperson.

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