‘Housing scheme to create 6 million jobs,’ says PM Khan

Islamabad (HRNW): Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government has launched its ‘most ambitious landmark housing policy of building five million homes in five years that will create ample job opportunities. In a tweet this morning, PM Khan said: “We have launched our most ambitious, landmark housing policy of building 5mn homes in 5 yrs. InshaAllah this will provide affordable houses for our less privileged strata of society, plus 6mn jobs, create demand in 40 industries directly involved in house building & attract FDI.” Speaking at the launch of the housing scheme, the prime minister resolved to pull the nation out of this abyss and added he would soon spell out a blueprint of how he would navigate the country out of troubling times.

He said 10 billion dollars are laundered every year. Had the previous governments eradicated this menace of money laundering, they wouldn’t have to take loans, he stated. Khan said his government would make efforts to ensure that all remittances are transferred into the country through proper banking channels. Five million houses would be provided to low-income people under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. The prime minister also defended his government’s decision to seek the IMF loan, saying it is being obtained for a short period to bridge yawning external financing gap.

The prime minister explained it was decided during a meeting either to approach the IMF or friendly countries for a loan to shore up fast depleting foreign currency reserves. He said the government faced a short fall of 10 to 12 billion dollars. Mr Khan said Pakistan’s debt climbed to Rs 30,000 billions from Rs 6,000 billions over the past ten years, adding that the previous PML-N government left behind a whopping deficit of 18 billion dollars for the incoming government to grapple with. He said the present government’s reforms would begin to bear fruit after six months.

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