Online voting: ECP sends passwords to over 7,000 overseas voters

Islamabad (HRNW): The Election Com­mission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued passwords to 7,364 overseas voters to use it for I-voting process for by-elections scheduled on Oct 14. The ECP sent the passwords at the email addresses provided by the voters when they registered themselves for online voting. Overseas voters would be able to cast their votes using the password from 8am to 5pm (Pakistan Standard Time) on polling day. It should be noted that only 7,419 expatriates out of the total 632,000 registered to avail the facility offered to them for the first time in the country’s electoral history.

According to the ECP, the voter shall log in to the website using his/her user name and password and enter the voter pass emailed to him/her earlier. This will direct the voter to registered constituencies of national and provincial assemblies to enable him/her to cast the vote. According to the statistics, as many as 1,353 voters from NA-243, 1,126 from NA-131, 698 from NA-69, 641 from NA-53, 567 from NA-60, 510 from NA-124, 321 from NA-63, 312 from NA-63, 312 from NA-65, 304 from NA-35, 230 from NA-55 and 68 from NA-103 had registered themselves as voters.

For provincial assemblies’ elections, 253 voters registered from PP-27, 185 from PK-44 and 117 for PP-201. In the rest of the constituencies, the number of registered voters is below 100. The voting for 37 seats – 11 of the National Assembly and 26 of the provincial assemblies – will be held on October 14. A total of 380 candidates are in the run in the by-elections. As many as 112 candidates will vie for 11 seats of the National Assembly and 268 for 26 seats of the provincial assemblies.

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