Bilal Colony Police busted car theft gang, case registered

Karachi (HRNW)- In a bid campaigning against criminals Bilal colony police arrested three persons namely Furqan, Irshad, Shahid and recovered
two TT pistols along with 4 rounds, 80 gram narcotics (charas) 07 cars batteries and stolen car no ALS 358 Alto which was required in FIR No. 53/19 u/s 381A ps Bilal colony.
Accused Furqan disclosed that he was previously arrested by ACLC in 2016 on charges of stolen 54 cars from Haidery market and 2K bus stop. He then after 11 months came out from jail in 2017.
The accused further confessed that during last 3/4 months he has stolen cars from chase up new Karachi at least 20 to 25 cars, 17 to 18 cars from Sareena mobile market and Haroon shopping center. Accused Furqan also revealed that after stolen the cars he took battary, Amplifier, speakers, valuables items and left the cars abandoned.
SSP Central Arif Aslam Rao told HRNW that FIR No. 55/56/ 19 u/s 231-A, 57/19 u/s 6/9/A have been registered against them. Further investigation is carrying on.


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