Merkel repeats call for ‘orderly’ Brexit but says options running out

Berlin (dpa) – Following the British parliament’s decision to vote down the Brexit deal Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated with the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed her country’s interest in Britain leaving the bloc with a deal in place.”Of course it remains our goal,” Merkel said in Berlin on Wednesday, “We haven’t just given up on Britain having an orderly departure after yesterday.” Having an exit deal is in both sides’ interest. “But our options are fewer after yesterday,” Merkel said, expressing regret over parliament’s decision to reject the deal again despite further improvements offered by Brussels. Merkel said it was important to distinguish between things the EU can influence and those that are in the hands of the British parliament alone. “We need these decisions and must know them. And I believe that our wishes are one. But what happens and what can actually be achieved between both partners is another question, it is a matter of compromise.”

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