SHC hears bail petition of Sindh’s Chief Conservator Forest

Karachi (HRNW): A bench of Sindh High Court while hearing bail petition of Sindh’s Chief Conservator Forest Aijaz Ahmed Nizamani criticized the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officers attitude in the case. The high court bench headed by Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh, also comprising of Justice Omar Sial, heard the case. “The NAB is a national institution why you people are acting in such a way,” the bench asked the officers. Earlier an investigation officer said that the forest land was not sold but the policy has been violated, the judges remarked. “What are the motives behind (this attitude),” the judges asked the officers. “Who is the complainant in the case?”

“You people have played havoc with the life of a man for three years,” the bench said. “It is character assassination. Everyone have relatives, a neighborhood. Take care of this,” Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh said. “NAB officials should think if this happen with them,” the chief justice asked. In an earlier hearing the bench said there is no explanation for the steps being taken by NAB officials as nobody can understand what is happening inside the NAB. The court directed for submitting details of the case adjourned the hearing till April 23.

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