Fresh protest against rising rents in Berlin

Berlin (dpa) – Berlin saw more protests on Tuesday against fast-rising rents in the German capital. More than a thousand people from left-wing groups protested in the Wedding district, a day before larger demonstrations are expected on the May 1 holiday. “Having a home is a human right,” read one of the placards at Tuesday’s protest, which was observed by a large police presence. In a march earlier this month, tens of thousands of Berliners took to the streets against higher rents and housing shortages, with residents’ anger focused on private housing firms. Tuesday’s protest coincided with Walpurgisnacht (Walpurgis Night, or Saint Walpurga’s Eve) in Germany, associated with witches. In hot weather, thousands of people were expected to celebrate in several areas of the capital. Police said some 850 officers were deployed throughout the city to secure the festivities.

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