More than 100 sports cars race on German motorway, police intervene

Rostock, Germany (dpa) – More than 100 sports cars that raced along the A20 motorway in Germany at speeds of up to 250 kilometres per hour were targeted by the police on Thursday. A total of 107 vehicles were stopped at the Fuchsberg service station to the east of the northern city of Wismar, a police spokeswoman reported. Officers are now following up the suspicion of an illegal car race. There were no initial reports of accidents. The A20 in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is largely without a speed limit. The police had been contacted by concerned drivers, the spokeswoman said. A dpa reporter at the service area said that most of the expensive luxury cars had Norwegian licence plates. They also bore the inscription “Eurorally.”

The route of the rally posted on the internet is from the Norwegian capital Oslo via Kiel in Germany and Szczecin in Poland, ending up in the Czech capital Prague. If this information is correct, the trip was to begin on Thursday at 9:15 am (0715 GMT) in Kiel and end after 4.5 hours in Szczecin more than 400 kilometres away. The motorists at the service station were mostly relaxed, friendly and reserved, the dpa reporter said. On the internet, the Eurorally is referred to as an event for car enthusiasts. The participants pay up to 799 euros (893 dollars) to take part. According to the police, the Eurorally was possibly an illegal car race. “The onward journey is definitely stopped,” they said. Mobile and stationary checkpoints were set up along the motorway, and two helicopters supported the action.

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