A Bauhaus Bach biennial: German festival combines Bach with Bauhaus

Weimar, Germany (dpa) – Visitors to the cultural German city Weimar can find out about the connection between Johann Sebastian Bach and the Bauhaus art movement, as the Bach Biennial Weimar kicks off on Tuesday. The festival, which lasts until Sunday, is held under the theme “form follows fugue,” and aims to show the connections between the German composer’s fugues and some of the Bauhaus artists’ works. The title of this year’s event is drawn from the Bauhaus’ guiding principle: “Form follows function.” German artist Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus art school 100 years ago in the eastern German city of Weimar. German composer Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked in Weimar in 1703, as well as from 1708 until 1717. The Bach Biennial Weimar offers concerts, workshops, tours and readings over the course of the festival.

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