Mesmerizing performance of artists on national songs

Islamabad (HRNW) Artists from all over Pakistan representing their respective areas mesmerized the audience at jam pack auditorium of Pakistan National Council of the Arts Islamabad. Musical evening comprised of National Songs and Folk Music and Dances was arranged by PNCA in connection with Independence Day Celebration with the aim to pay tribute to the Heroes of Independence movement and educate the young generation to realize their responsibilities in making Pakistan strong and prospers. Artist Wali Baig from GB, Rizwana Khan and Umer Raees from Federal Area, Raja Imran from AJK, Sabz Ali Bugti from Baluchistan, Malangaan Group from KPK, Zamin Ali from Sindh, Naeem ul Haq Babloo from Saraiki and Fazal Abbas Jutt from Punjab presented their National Songs and Folk Music of Pakistan. Besides the National Performing Arts Group of PNCA presented colourful Folk Dances, Kelash, Kashmiri, Leva, Khattak, Sindhi Jhoomer, Bhangra and Pakistan Banana Hay.

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