NdcTech and TEMENOS vision for Bank of the Future

Karachi (HRNW) – National Data Consultant (NdcTech), a leading financial technology firm in Pakistan and Temenos Group AG; the world’s #1 banking software company based in Geneva, Switzerland jointly hosted their 9th annual ‘Bank of the Future’ Forum 2019, at Marriot Hotel Karachi. This year approximately 150+ senior banking delegates and leadership representing over 20+ banks attended this forum.

This full day event serves as a platform to share insights of global practices and develop and strengthen business relationships among leading global fintechs and banking institutions in Pakistan. Speakers shared strategies on transforming the future of digital banking, accelerating the journey to be a Digital Bank and how Banks of the Future are complying with the evolving regulatory frameworks and standardizing processes and procedures. This year’s event also highlighted the recently acquired US #1 digital banking SaaS company – Kony by TEMENOS.

Chief Enterprise Architect of Temenos – Mr. John Schlesinger core message to the delegates was on readiness for the future architecture which will be a radical change for the banks and being able to take advantage of the massive opportunities for profitable growth and improved efficiencies.

Mr. Behram Ahmed, Chairman, NdcTech commented that: “We are delighted to witness the participation of such prestigious group of banking leaders and global technology experts in our forum which is so well attended and clearly shows the value that this brings to the banks.”

Adding to this Ms. Ammara Masood President & CEO, NdcTech said “Our company has been a major contributor for last 19 years to bring real transformation in banking through best practices and innovations of our global partners Temenos and other global fintechs EFS Technology, Abris, HID Global and Validata. Our talent is now contributing significantly in Pakistan and in global markets very effectively.

Jean Paul Mergeai – Managing Director, Temenos Middle East & Africa said that: “As the 9th annual event of its kind taking place in Pakistan, my team and I are always honored to be involved in the Bank of the Future Forum with our partner NdcTech in Karachi. The 2019 forum once again proved to be an ideal opportunity to network and share knowledge with both Temenos’ existing Pakistani clients and those we are yet to work with. Temenos has been steadily growing its presence in the Pakistani market alongside NdcTech since 2000 and the presence of 15 Temenos experts at this event from not only the region, but around the globe, truly demonstrates our continued commitment to the country. This year’s event also gave us the opportunity to fully introduce our updated Temenos Infinity digital offering since the acquisition of Kony in August, a truly next generation, best-in-class digital banking solution.”

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