The prices of life-saving medicines have skyrocketed by the government: Asia Ishaque

Karachi (HRNW)- Member Central National Council, Pak Sarzameen Party, Ms Aasia Ishaque on Monday said that in order to hide incompetence, apathy and criminal-negligence, federal and provincial governments are providing false and fabricated data of dengue patients. In particular Karachi, where million of dengue patients didn’t reached hospitals due to poverty. Dengue patients faces a severe shortage of platelets and are in dire need of Mega Packs of platelets. At present, she said a mega pack costs Rs 26,000, which is beyond the reach of the poor. She recalled, in the previous regime, Mega Packs were provided free of cost in the government hospitals.
Aasia Ishaque while criticizing the federal, provincial and local bodies governments, said that the alarming rise in the number of dengue patients in Karachi was due to absence of fumigation.
The tsunami of joblessness, business closure and extreme inflation are proofs of government failure. Instead of taking effective measures to protect people from diseases, the government cant even cure the already dengue affected people.
The prices of life-saving medicines have skyrocketed by the government which has prohibited poor to even seek medical treatment. Aasia Ishaque asked whether the government wants to end poverty by eliminating the poor?
Ishaque further said that the incompetent PPP government, which is enjoying the power for consecutive eleven years has completely destroyed Sindh. People are dying from mosquito and dog bites. She said that Pak Sarzameen Party has the solution to all problems because the world knows that PSP leadership bear good character, talented and hard working. We know how to steer the country out of deprivation.

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