Albania jolts with strongest earthquake, 6 people killed

Tirana (HRNW)- At least Six people were killed and more than a hundred injured after a powerful 6.4 magnitude joggled Albania in the early hours of Tuesday, according to officials.

The intensity of quake was felt across the Balkans, from Sarajevo to Bosnia and even in the Serbian city of Novi Sad almost 700 kilometers away.

The tremble was followed by several aftershocks, including one of the magnitude 5.3, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

A man and a women reported killed after a building crumpled in Thumane, away 36 kilometers north of capital Tirana.

The majority of people who have seen rifts in their houses preferred to go to open areas to save their lives

While the Authorities also appealed to the citizen to remain calm and stay out of their homes in most affected areas due to number of aftershocks.

Earlier in September of this year the same region was hit by the 5.6 magnitude quake.

But the Authorities believes the recent quake is the strongest earth quake for 20/30 years history of Albania.

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