Gas supply to Sindh’s CNG stations to resume on Wednesday

Karachi (HRNW) People in Sindh will have to wait for gas for 24 more hours. The supply, which was supposed to resume at 8am Tuesday, will now resume at 8pm Wednesday.Gas supply to the CNG stations was suspended to meet the shortage in the commercial sector and for household purposes, according to the Sui Southern Gas Company. According to Samaa tv Gas has only been available at the stations for nine hours since December 16. It was supposed to be resumed on Monday initially but was later delayed to Tuesday. People in Lahore and other parts of Punjab have also been suffering from a shortage of gas. “Ever since winters have started, gas supply has gone down to nothing,” complained a resident. Sui Northern Gas Company claimed that to meet the demand from the domestic sector, gas supply to commercials areas and CNG stations has been curbed.

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