NCA Undergraduate Thesis Show 2019: Shafqat Mahmood inaugurates

Lahore (HRNW)- National College of Arts has a history of producing eminent artists, designers and art professionals who are contributing in varied walks of life. Students spend four years at the college exploring multiple mediums of expression, which culminate in the form of degree show. The degree show comprises of the works by the students from 8 departments i.e Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Ceramic Design, Textile Design, Architecture, Film and Television and Musicology.
This year the Private Preview of Annual Thesis Show was inaugurated by Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Honourable Mr. Shafqat Mehmood who is also the controlling authority of the college.
Mr. Shafqat Mehmood took a round of the show and keenly observed the artworks on display. He was of the view that art and culture takes its own route regardless of the challenging nature of time. “Any creative expression is innately resilient and it becomes more potent when conveyed with passion”, he added.
The works on display demand the viewer to not only see but also feel them. Mr. Shafqat also commended that, institutions such as NCA has no parallel in terms of the efforts it is putting in, to bring a multifaceted streak of immensely talented artists.
Principal Professor Dr. Murtaza Jafri and faculty also accompanied Mr. Shafqat Mehmood as he strolled down the campus looking at the show. Dr. Jafri praised the art works and also encouraged the students who tirelessly produced brilliant works. Dr. Jafri said that, the amount of toil and hard work students and faculty spend to make the thesis successful is unmatchable. The 2019 show brought in a new batch to completion and indeed the students learn a great deal as they go through a holistic process of refinement.
The show shall continue till 12th of January 2019.

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