Germany conducts raids over suspected Mitsubishi diesel fraud

German prosecutors on Tuesday launched a series of raids in business premises across the country as part of an investigation into suspected emissions cheat devices in Mitsubishi cars.

“It is suspected that the motors are equipped with a so-called cheat device, which ensures that the permissible limits ​​for nitrogen oxides are observed during test, but not during actual operation,” the prosecutor’s office and police in Frankfurt said in a statement.

They said that the investigation was targeting an “international automotive group, a subsidiary of an international car dealership and two international car suppliers.”

The raids took places in several German states including Hesse, Lower Saxony and Bavaria.

The diesel scandal has severely disrupted the German car industry.

It broke in September 2015, when German carmaker Volkswagen admitted to manipulation of the exhaust emissions of diesel cars following inspections by authorities and scientific research in the US.

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