Universities Must Prepare Youth to Face Regional Challenges: Dr. Zakar

Okara (HRNW)- With India’s fascist policies and rising trade tensions between China and Unites States of America, there will unfold many challenges in the South East Asian region and our universities must start preparing the youth to face those challenges as professionals in different fields, said the Vice Chancellor University of Okara while talking to the students of the Department of Political Science and Department of International Relations.
He was of the view that the regional politics will create a vacuum of power for Pakistan in the years to come and the Pakistani Youth must be prepared to fill that vacuum.
“Modi’s fascist regime may destabilize the world’s largest democracy and may have spillover effects on Pakistan and other regional powers. This instability syndrome may contain various challenges and opportunities for Pakistan”, said the VC.
Dr. Zakar further told that the human rights organization have been condemning India’s discriminatory legislation and brazen and ruthless high handedness in Kashmir. Resultantly, the Indian secularism and democratic credentials stand discredited and questioned.
He argued, “Within this changing landscape of the regional politics, Pakistan may get new political space to assert it presence and advance its policy options. Here is the point where our universities and other capacity building institutions must perk up the aptitude of our youth so that they can play an active role to enchase the situation in our country’s favor.”

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