Five killed after gas leak in Abbottabad’s Nawansher

Peshawar (HRNW) Five friends were killed on Thursday due to a gas leakage after they forgot to turn off the heater in their room in Abbottabad’s Nawansher.

“The deaths took place because of a gas leak as there were two heaters in the room. They were using a Sui gas connection,” said ASP Owais Shafiq. “Gas leaked all night, which suffocated them,” he added.

All of them were staying at a friends’ place that night and had turned on the heaters because of the cold.

When they didn’t come out of the room throughout the day we broke into the room and found their bodies, their families said. The five of them died in their sleep.

Their bodies have been shifted to a hospital. According to reports, they had been dead for more than 24 hours.

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