Adulterated drugs may cost lives of epilepsy patients: Fowzia Siddiqui

Karachi (HRNW)- President of Epilepsy Foundation of Pakistan and noted neurologist of the country Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has said that epilepsy is a curable disease; however, adulterated drugs could cost lives of innocent patients.

Addressing at a workshop in Saylani Medical Center, Bahadurabad, she said fake medicines, shortage and black-marketing of drugs is not a serious problem only for epilepsy patients but also for their doctors. She said the government and its health department should give a serious consideration to this issue ad ensure that all epilepsy drugs are freely available in market.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University teacher Dr Ubaidullah Ahmed Khanzada was also present.

Dr Fowzia briefed women about epilepsy and its complication besides treatment methods.

On the occasion of World Epilepsy Day, Dr Fowzia Siddiqui also attended a workshop under PSN&CCL and gave a lecture on epilepsy in pregnant women.

However, Dr Ubaidullah Ahmed Khanzada said that to observe this day was aimed at to create awareness amongst masses about epilepsy. He said this is a curable disease and controlled with proper use of medicines. He said all causes of epilepsy including head injury, brain tumor, brain TB, meningitis, etc could be treated with medicines and this disease could be totally controlled. He said for a successful treatment, a patient has to use the prescribed medicines regularly.

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