Raids across 6 German states against suspected right-wing terrorists

German officials carried out raids on 13 locations in six states early on Friday in the search for evidence against a suspected right-wing terrorist organization.

The raids principally targeted five people known to authorities, prosecutors in the south-western city of Karlsruhe said.

The group is being investigated on an initial suspicion of planning attacks on politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims. The plans, which prosecutors said were intended to bring about a state of something like civil war in Germany, had not yet taken concrete form.

Eight others are suspected of supporting the main group, and had allegedly agreed to provide financial support, procure weapons and assist in future attacks.

The initial suspicions against the group, allegedly founded in September 2019, are not currently enough to lead to an arrest warrant. The raids are intended to gather more evidence against the group.

The raids occurred in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt.

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