Current federal rulers are more dangerous than Corona virus. Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo

KARACHI (HRNW) Provincial Minister for Anti-Corruption, Industries & Commerce and Cooperative Department Jam Ikramullah Dharejo has said that the country is in a dangerous epidemic, but the Selected Prime Minister is busy making gossips with his select ministers rather than taking any emergency measures to counter Corona Virus . On the contrary, the Sindh government is working on emergency grounds against the Corona virus. In this case, no risk will be taken, whereas for the people, the unjust federal rulers are more dangerous than Corona virus, whose brutal policies and record high prices of daily commodities have made the life of the common man very difficult and the suicide rate in the country is also increasing day by day.

This he said while talking to various delegations at his residence here today. He added, ‘ Sindh Cabinet is working day and night under the leadership of Chief Minister Sindh and giving relief to the people and developing the province. While on the other hand, Federal rulers are seeking the only political revenge. Provincial minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that due to the current incompetent and very poor rule, the people and the country were suffering .

Provincial Minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that the Sindh government’s view on public issues and development plans was very clear and PPP was following its manifesto and working on real grounds for the welfare of the people. ‘ We are doing practical work because we have a responsibility to the youth. PPP has given employment and InshaAllah we are going to provide better job opportunities to the youth on merit soon ‘. he concluded

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