Malaysia’s monarchy to rule on pathway out of political turmoil

KUALA LUMPUR (HRNW) – Malaysia’s nine monarchs are due to meet on Friday to determine how the country’s next government will be formed after the shock resignation of Mahathir Mohamad earlier this week created political turmoil.

Mahathir’s move, which broke a coalition with old rival Anwar Ibrahim that had secured a surprise election victory two years ago, has been widely perceived as an attempt to consolidate the 94-year-old leader’s power.

Mahathir, who was named by Malaysia’s king as interim premier immediately after resigning on Monday, said on Thursday after a further meeting with the king that parliament would hold an unprecedented vote for a new leader on Monday.

That announcement angered the opposing coalition of three parties led by Anwar, 72, who argued it was inappropriate for Mahathir to preempt the king’s decision and that a vote in parliament would challenge the powers of the monarch.

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