Afghan partial truce to continue with ‘full ceasefire’ goal: Ghani

KABUL (HRNW) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Sunday that a seven-day partial truce would continue, but he rejected a key component of a new US-Taliban deal that calls for the release of thousands of insurgent prisoners.

The so-called “reduction in violence” period, which saw attacks plummet across Afghanistan, ran for the week preceding Saturday‚Äôs signing of a historic accord between the US and the Taliban in Doha.

The agreement spells out a withdrawal timeline of 14 months for all foreign forces, provided the Taliban honour several pledges and enter talks with Kabul for a more comprehensive peace deal.

“The reduction in violence will continue with a goal to reach a full ceasefire,” Ghani told a press conference.

“General (Scott) Miller has told Taliban to do so. It is expected (to continue),” he added, referring to the US commander in charge of foreign forces in Afghanistan.

A Taliban source did not immediately comment.

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