Coronavirus: Fridays for Future cancels demonstrations in Germany

Fridays for Future is cancelling large-scale demonstrations planned ahead of local elections in Bavaria in response to the coronavirus crisis, the movement announced via an online press conference in Munich on Tuesday.

“With a heavy heart, we are cancelling our large climate strike planned for Friday,” organizers in the movement, which targets political inaction on climate change, tweeted. To make up for it, online protests would be louder, they said.

Speaking during the online press conference, a spokesperson said demonstrations in larger Bavarian communities would not go ahead, but that smaller protests would go ahead. There would also be “various creative actions” on Friday, she said.

Fridays for Future, which stages events in many German cities on Fridays, had planned major protests for Bavaria this week ahead of local elections on Sunday, with a view to placing climate change at the focus of the poll.

Luisa Neubauer, prominent German activist for the movement, said in Munich that other German states were also considering cancelling their events to help restrict the spread of the virus.

“Massive digital strikes” would take place instead, she said.

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