AVLC Lyari busts a gang of two habitual MC lifters

Karachi (HRNW)- AVLC Lyari has arrested a gang of two habitual motorcycle lifters and recovered two  stolen motorcycles from their possession.
Spokesman of AVLC said, they are habitual motorcycle lifters and sell stolen motorcycles in Balochistan and they have criminal record and arrested earlier also. Arrested accused were identified as Ghulam Rasool Brohi s/o Mir Hussain Brohi and Nasar Ullah Brohi s/o Mola Bux.

AVLC registered an FIR No. 186/2020 u/s 381/A of PS Mithadar and also traced previous criminal record as followed:

1. FIR No. 156/2011 u/s 381 A PS Joharabad.
2. FIR No. 194/2019 u/s 381 A PS Shar-e-Noor Jahan.
3. FIR No. 81/2011 u/s 6/9B PS Joharabad.
4. FIR No. 170/2019 u/s 381A PS Sharifabad.
5. FIR No. 148/2019 u/s 381A PS Super Market.
6. FIR No. 446/2016 u/s 381 A PS Peerabad.
7. FIR No. 310/2016 381A PS Azizabad.
8. FIR No. 362/2016. U/s 411 PS Manghopir

AVLC recovered  M/C No. KFU-2357 70 Stolen from PS Methadar and M/C No. KJA-6980 stolen from PS Super Market as stolen property from their possession. Further legal proceedings and efforts for further arrests are underway.

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