German, Austrian police launch raids of illegal internet site

Hundreds of users of an illegal internet platform trading in illicit goods from drugs to money-laundering services have been searched during raids across Germany and Austria.

Eleven arrest warrants were executed as a result of the raids on 37 properties, Frankfurt prosecutors said on Wednesday.

About 1,400 police officers from Germany and Austria joined the raids, which were carried out on Tuesday.

The action resulted in 328 investigations centring on drugs, false documents, counterfeit money, data theft and money laundering.

Those accused allegedly used an illegal internet trading platform called “,” with narcotics, weapons and counterfeit money seized in addition to data storage devices and documents during the raids.

The alleged former 26-year-old administrator of the platform was arrested at the end of May last year when entering Germany on the basis of a warrant in relation to another matter.

Since then, he has been in custody pending trial.

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