PM Khan: Unregistered labourers, foreign workers suffered most during lockdown

Islamabad (HRNW) Unregistered labourers and Pakistanis working abroad have suffered the most because of the coronavirus lockdown, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The premier spoke via video link on Wednesday at an International Labour Organisation conference.

“The conference is being held because the pandemic has hit the labour community the most,” he said. “Coronavirus cases are coming down in some countries and then peaking, while in other countries they are still peaking so it’s important for all of us to have some strategy to deal with the most vulnerable community of society: the labourers.”

He went to explain the situation in Pakistan. “We had two problems when we decided to impose a lockdown. On one hand, we had to deal with a spreading disease that we knew would overwhelm our health sector, but then we had this other problem of our informal economy.” Most people are self-employed in the country and many labourers remain unregistered because of which we are not sure of their exact numbers, he said.

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