Rag-pickers looted mobile shop in Karachi

KARACHI: (HRNW)  A group of rag-pickers broke into a mobile shop in Karachi’s PIB Colony area and fled from the scene after stealing millions’ worth cellphones.

The burglary was caught by a CCTV camera installed in the same street which showed three rag-pickers breaking the locks of a mobile shop located at PIB Number 8 Bus Stand at around 5:13 am, Thursday early morning.

Police told media that the unidentified young rag-pickers had shattered locks of the shop’s gate and stole mobile phones and other accessories worth more than Rs300,000.

However, no arrest was made by the local police so far. Police said that all culprits involved in the burglary will be arrested soon with the help of the CCTV footage.


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