Cases against Haleem Adil are in accordance with law, Saeed Ghani

KARACHI: (HRNW) Sindh  Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani has said that no retaliatory action is being taken against the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly and all the cases filed against him are in accordance with the law.  Haleem Adil Sheikh is well known to everyone including me for what a great drama he is..
In the Senate elections, there is no restriction on members of the Provincial and National Assemblies to vote for another candidate in place of their party’s candidate, and doing so will not affect their membership.
PTI members of the National and Provincial Assemblies are openly stating that they will not vote for their party’s candidates.
If a person commits the crime of land grabbing and interfering in government affairs and the police take action against him, then there is a demand to change the IG, then no IG can be changed.  He was speaking to the media after the Sindh Assembly session on Thursday.  Saeed Ghani said that the way new opposition leaders have come to the assembly session today with the help of others and wearing bandages on their hands and feet, the way they showed their hand scratches on their way from jail to hospital and on admission to the hospital.  Wearing bandages all over my hands and feet is nothing short of a drama and all these things have been seen by the people through all the media.  He said that the attempt was being made to give the impression that the Sindh government was taking any kind of retaliatory action which was completely wrong.  He said that an FIR has been filed against Haleem Adil Sheikh on February 6 for attacking the anti-encroachment team and interfering in government work and blocking the superhighway for several hours.  In the by-elections of Malir on February 16, there is clear evidence of harassment of polling staff and voters by going to the polling stations with armed men from 8 am onwards.  He said that according to the rules and regulations of the Election Commission, the MPA, MNA and even the minister could not go to the constituency where the by-election was held but all the members of PTI kept going for the election campaign
.  Did not object to it.
Similarly, according to the rules of the Election Commission, no licensed person can carry or display weapons in this constituency on election day.
He said that Haleem Adil Sheikh not only violated the rules and regulations of the Election Commission but also opened fire in the constituency violating the law.  Saeed Ghani said that action has been taken against him in accordance with the law and all cases are in the courts and both he and I are bound to abide by the decision of the courts..
No bar on the meeting to anyone at the CIA center
In response to a question, he said that Haleem Adil Sheikh was not barred from meeting anyone at the CIA center nor was he kept in custody there and now if any snake has come there, it is also being investigated.  Where did he come from, who brought him there and how does one kill a 4 foot long snake with one’s feet.  To a question, he said that any candidate for the Senate elections can seek votes from any member.  He said that except on three occasions when a member elected on a party ticket does not vote for a party candidate, his membership may be terminated, but in a Senate election, if a member is a candidate of a party other than his own.  If you vote for the party, its membership will not be affected.
However, votes cannot be bought or sold by profession.  He said that the PTI members themselves are dissatisfied with their candidates and the party leadership in the National and Provincial Assemblies and they have openly stated that the party has sold Senate tickets for Rs. 35 crore and that too.  Barmala has stated that he will not vote for PTI candidates.  To a question, he said, “I can ask any member to vote for my candidate. Now it is up to him whether he votes or not.”

Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani is giving a media talk outside the Sindh Assembly.

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