Sea-Watch rescues dozens of migrants in Med for third day in a row

For a third day in a row, the German NGO Sea-Watch has rescued migrants from distress in the central Mediterranean.

The Berlin-based group tweeted Sunday morning that 73 more people, including 16 women and children, were taken on board the Sea-Watch 3 ship. Later in the day it reported a further 97 migrants were taken onto the ship after another rescue mission.

In the previous two days, the volunteers had taken in a total of about 145 people, some of them debilitated and receiving medical care. Unaccompanied minors were also among the rescued.

On Saturday, the Sea-Watch 3 rushed to the aid of migrants after their inflatable dingy lost air.

There are now just under 320 migrants on board the ship.

The ship left the port of the Spanish city of Burriana just over a week ago. On Thursday, the crew arrived in the targeted search area about 30 nautical miles, or over 55 kilometres, off the coast of Libya.

According to the United Nations, about 170 people have lost their lives in the central Mediterranean so far this year.

According to the Italian Interior Ministry, around 4,500 boat migrants have arrived in the Mediterranean country so far in 2021.

Italy is often the destination of migrants leaving from the coast of Libya.

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