Proportion of women in management roles edges backwards in Germany

The proportion of women in management positions in German companies has decreased slightly over the past five months, according to analysis released on Monday.

Currently 24.6 per cent of management positions are held by women, according to a database analysis published by the business information agency Crifbuergel. Last October, it was 24.9 per cent.

The analysis, released to mark International Women’s Day, evaluated some 2.5 million management positions in 1.2 million companies, as of March 5.

The positions are managing directors, supervisory board members and chairpersons, managing partners as well as board members and chairpersons.

According to Crifbuergel, the eastern German states are still in the lead in terms of the proportion of women: Brandenburg takes first place nationwide with a women’s quota in management positions of 31.4 per cent.

The more employees a company has, the lower the proportion of female bosses, the analysis suggested.

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