Germany to modernize air defence system

The German military’s air defence system is to be revamped in the coming years, according to a plan presented by the Defence Ministry on Tuesday.

The ministry plans to modernize the country’s “Patriot” anti-aircraft missile system from 2023 onwards, it said.

In addition, Germany’s air defence system “Ozelot” is to be replaced with new capabilities in mobile air defence by 2026 at the latest.

The Ozelot system, which has been described by the Defence Ministry as outdated and inadequate, is intended to protect ground troops from low-flying fighter bombers and attack helicopters.

The Patriot system, meanwhile, is used to combat aircraft, rockets and cruise missiles and has a significantly greater range than the Ozelot.

The ministry is promoting the creation of a new light air defence system together with other EU countries.

“In this way we are promoting the development of a European drone and air defence system,” the ministry said in its plan.



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