American Democratic Party delegation called on Chairman senate Sadiq Sanjrani

Islamabad (HRNW) An 8-member delegation of American Democratic Party led by Tahir javed called on Chairman senate Sadiq Sanjrani at Parliament House here on Wednesday.
The delegation felicitated Sadiq Sanjrani on being re-elected as a chairman of the upper house of the parliament.
The US delegation also congratulated Mirza Muhammad Afridi on being elected as Deputy Chairman Senate.
During the meeting, the Chairman senate said that the bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan would be further strengthened. Chairman Senate added that significant steps have been taken for promotion of democracy in Pakistan. He emphasised that Pakistan has played a vital role in eradicating terrorism and further promoting peace in the region.
The US delegation, during the meeting, said that democracy is flourishing in Pakistan which will not only solve the problems of the people but will also help the country move towards prosperity. While expressing the confidence in the leadership of Pakistan, the delegation said that the steps taken by the country for establishing peace are commendable. The delegation further said that relations between the two countries have become stronger over time and the new US leadership want to further strengthen its bilateral relations with Pakistan. The Joe Biden administration wants to further enhance bilateral ties with Pakistan, added the US delegation. The visiting dignitaries conveyed a goodwill message of the US Senators to honourable Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani and Deputy Chairman senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi.
The delegation informed the Chairman Senate that many Pakistani are rendering services in the United States and the problems of those Pakistanis residing in the United States are being resolved in an efficient manner. The US delegation also extended invitation to Chairman and Deputy chairman Senate to visit United states , which was accepted by the the Chairman.

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