DS Karachi inspects 125 kilometres Gaddar-Kotri track

Karachi (HRNW) In order to observe and ensure the effective implementation of safety standards along entire railways’ infrastructure, divisional superintendent Pakistan Railways Karachi Mr. Muhammad Hanif Gul diligently inspected the ML-1 track and installations on motor trolley from Gaddar to Kotri today. He was accompanied by the divisional and assisstant engineers as well as relevent officials.
Inspection on motor trolley is considered as the most intrusive of all the inspections conducted in the inspection regime of Pakistan Railways as a crystal clear picture of track appears before the inspecting officers. The 125 kilometers inspection from Gaddar to Kotri stations entailed visit of seven en route stations also: Dhabeji, Ran Pathani, Jungshahi, Braudabad, Jhimpir, Meting and Bholari. While meeting the deputed officials at various stations, the divisional superintendent directed them for taking every necessary action and leaving no stone unturned for routinely concluding the safe and smooth Up/Down train operations.
Divisional Superintendent Pakistan Railways Karachi Mr. Muhammad Hanif Gul said that fitness of track was key to safe and secure train operations and the department utilised all its resources in maintaining the track in upright and serviceable condition.

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