UO’s Botany Department holds exhibition on natural products

Okara (HRNW) The University of Okara’s Department of Botany organized an exhibition in a bid to raise awareness among the teachers and students on the use of natural and botanical products including shampoos, sanitizers, beauty agents and edibles. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Registrar, Dr Muhammad Tahir Khan.
The premium product at display in the exhibition was the Oyster Mushrooms that the faculty members and students of Botany grew in their laboratory as a pilot project.
According to the Chairperson, Department of Botany, Dr Faheem Arshad, these mushrooms contain various nutritional and medicinal benefits for human. Talking to the students, he told, “The Oyster Mushrooms are enriched in proteins, fibers, minerals and vitamins that are useful to control the diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, neurological disorders and cardiac problems”.
Dr Hira Bashir, who was leading the project, said that she along with her team were planning to grow the different species of mushrooms at commercial and industrial level.
Dr Iqbal, Assistant Professor of Botany, claimed that they could generate a lot of revenue from the commercial gardening of mushrooms.
The UO Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, applauded the university’s botanists on their groundbreaking research and vowed to help them out at administrative level in enhancing the spectrum of their project.

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