German vaccine centre employee fills syringes with saline

An employee at a German vaccination centre has admitted to filling six syringes with saline solution instead of the Pfizer/BioNtech coronavirus vaccine.

The saline is harmless as a substance, and there is no health risk to those who have been injected, said Matthias Pulz, president of the Lower Saxony state health office, on Sunday.

According to authorities, the employee in Friesland had dropped a vial while mixing the vaccine, which she wanted to cover up.

Friesland’s district administrator Sven Ambrosy said the case was deeply shocking and that a four-eyes principle has been immediately introduced when it comes to vaccine preparation.

“No one is left alone with a vaccine any more, so such cover-ups are no longer possible,” he said.

The accused is a registered nurse aged about 40, and her resignation is on the way, the German Red Cross said.

The police, in consultation with the local public prosecutor’s office, have started investigations into whether the incident constitutes assault.

Authorities are checking who has been affected and therefore needs a genuine coronavirus vaccine.

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