Sindh claims discrimination in water distribution, IRSA denies

Karachi : (HRNW) PPP has said that Sindh has not been getting its fair share of water from the Indus System and the claim by the Indus River System Authority that it is getting 71,000 cusecs of water is false.

Irrigation Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal said in a statement Monday that Sindh faces a supply shortage of 28%.. “IRSA’s claim that water is being distributed according to the 1991 agreement is false.” The authority cannot deprive any province of water, he said, adding that Sindh releases its facts and figures publicly.

IRSA, however, said in a press release today that it is distributing water “strictly in accordance with the share of provinces.” It said that there was a dip in Indus River from April 27 to May 5 in Tarbela and Chashma dams. The situation has been improving after that.

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