Karachi: 5 killed in strong winds, rain, accidents

Karachi (HRNW) The threat of hurricane was averted in Karachi but the storm winds went well.
The heat wave was broken by dusty winds and strong winds. Five people, including two children and a woman, were killed and several others injured in different accidents.

Despite clear orders from the Chief Minister, the billboards could not be removed from the city. One person was injured when a billboard of private property fell on Rashid Minhas Road.

The mudslides and storms affected unpaved houses as well as high-rise buildings. The glass walls of the private bank’s head office on I-Chandragar Road could not withstand the pressure of the wind and fell like leaves.

The strong winds blew off the roofs of houses and factories. A woman and a man were killed when the roof of a house collapsed in Baldia Town while a man was crushed under the wall of the house.

A child died when a wall collapsed in Sher Shah. Clifton fell from a plaza near Three Swords and died.
In Orangi Town No. 13, two women were injured when the roof of their house collapsed.

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