District South: Smart lockdown imposed in 5 USCs

Karachi: (HRNW) ISmart Lockdown  has been imposed in five USCs of two sub-divisions of District South.

According to the notification, smart lockdown will be implemented at various places of UC-6 Maymarabad, UC-8 Manghopir and UC-5 Songal of sub-division Manghopir.
Lockdown will also take place in UC-6 Ghaziabad, UC-3 Hanifabad and UC-5 Madina Colony of Mominabad sub-division.

There will also be lockdowns in UC Char Muhammad Nagar and UC One Mominabad residential units. The number of patients infected with corona virus in these places is fourteen. The lockdown will be effective from May 22 to June 4.

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