German FA general secretary also leaves post after power struggle

German Football Federation general secretary Friedrich Curtius is leaving after an amicable agreement, the organization announced on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old follows former federation president Fritz Keller in departing, with vice-president Rainer Koch also due to leave once a new leadership team is appointed.

Keller quit this month after he compared Koch to a notorious Nazi-era judge. The events followed a brewing leadership row between Keller, Curtius and Koch.

Curtius’ post will be taken over by deputy general secretary Heike Ullrich “on a temporary provisional basis,” the federation (DFB) said.

“This prudent step serves as a new beginning at the top of the DFB, which was also desired by Dr. Curtius. The DFB executive committee thanks Friedrich Curtius for his services to the DFB and German football in the past,” the statement added.

The DFB will be led by Koch and Peter Peters as interim presidents until a vote to appoint a new boss.

A first ever woman president is favoured by many Germans.

Ute Groth, who is from the amateur football ranks, has said she will apply only if the whole leadership at the DFB changes. Curtius’ departure could hasten her candidature.

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