Sindh seeks interior ministry’s help in operation against bandits

Karachi (HRNW) Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has assured Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah of the government’s full cooperation to help the province in its operation against dacoits.

Rasheed, who is visiting Karachi for two days, told CM Shah that the federal government will even deploy Rangers to help the Sindh government in its grand operation.

The meeting participants were told that people could only travel in Sindh with influential people before 2007. It all changed after the PPP launched an operation to clear the province’s highways.

There is kutcha land from Guddu to Kotri barrage, and near it, there is five to six kilometres of forest land. These dacoits hide in these forests and attack people, the participants were briefed.

Shah said that the operation was launched on May 23 to rescue eight kidnapped people in the kutcha area of Shikarpur district. Two policemen were killed during an exchange of fire.


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