The process of cleaning storm water drains is in full swing: Najam Ahmad Shah

Karachi (HRNW)- The Sindh government seems to be engaged in serious efforts for cleaning and finding permanent solution of storm water drains. Talking to our correspondent, Sindh Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that in the storm water drains cleaning campaign which started yesterday, 112 dumpers of silt has been transferred to the land fill site by the end of first day.

According to Najam Ahmad Shah, all the waste discharged from the drains is being shifted to Jam Chakro and Gond Pass land landfill sites under SOPs. Secretary Local Government Sindh informed that this silt has been removed from 25 drains of District East, South, West, Malir, Korangi and Central. He told that Songal Nala, Pahlawan Goth Nala, Chakur Nala, Napa Chowrangi Nala and Mahmoodabad Nala in District East were cleared. In South Pachar Nala, Curly Nala, Soldier Bazar Nala, City Nala and Frere Nala were removed from silt. Sher Shah Nala, Mochko Nala, base Masroor Nala and Hub River Road Nala were cleaned within the limits of District West. In Malir district, Mehran Cut canal and buffalo colony canal were cleared. CBM Nalla, 8000 Road Nalla, 12000 Road Nalla and 10000 Road Nalla were also cleaned within the boundaries of District Korangi.

Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that the members of the committee set up for the process of cleaning the drains are active and present in the field and the entire process is being monitored through proper surveillance. Najam Ahmad Shah clarified that the payments to the contractors for the cleaning of storm water drains would be processed on the recommendation of the committee constituted and transparency would be maintained during the whole process.

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